AR-Anti-Reflection Filters
PC, PMMA, or Glass with anti reflection
Reduce visible light reflection . Reduce visible

light reflection

LCD, MP3/video player, cell
phone panel
The low reflection, the high penetration, increase the phantom contrast gradient
By the anti-reflection fender, can increase the picture color full proper and the promotion phantom contrast gradient high quality request.
2. The unique coating technology can reduce largely nonessential dazzles the light and the reflected light, causes your visual effect to be clearer
3. This product application scope quite Guang Fan and diverse, no matter in the liquid crystal screen (television), the back projection television, the aviation with the measuring appliance, the gaging instrument, the vehicle uses the display board and the monitor…And so on


Parent metal material quality category
Optical(GLASS) Optics acrylic fabric(PMMA) Optics polycarbonate (PC)
Thickness (mm) 0.33~6mm 0.8~3.0 0.8~3.0
Lowest Hardness(%) <0.5 <1.0 <1.0
Average Hardness(%) <1.0 <2.0 <2.0
Hardness(H) >7H >5H >2H
Hardened/strengthening processing
optional Hard Coat Hard Coat


Special optical design: Against dazzles adds the anti-reflection good combination
The weight is light, the light-admitting quality is good, the index of reflection is low
By the new extinction anti-reflective optics film design, can cause the picture and the phantom presents the high quality request, to increase the color degree of saturation. The special extinction anti-reflection coating technology large reduction nonessential dazzles the light and the reflected light, has a better reflection compared to the general anti-reflection to decrease the potency, causes your visual effect to be clearer. Because the material quality is the acrylic fabric or PC, can provide compared to the glass lighter half weight, and is firmer and is durable. In addition to reduce the surface to wear what destruction, on the anti-baffle plate also made anti-attrition strengthening processing to strengthen the protection.


This product's application scope quite diversifies, no matter in the liquid crystal screen (television), the back projection television car protects an item of piece, the vehicle with the television to use the display board supervisory system fender, the satellite navigational system camera lens, each kind of kneading board…And so on. This company anti-baffle plate is precisely satisfies you the new product which expected to the thin film coating.


Product merit  
。 Great size

。Quality light thickness is thin

。Degree of hardness is good

。The light-admitting quality and brightness are goo

。The artistic effect is good

。Reflects lowl


Specification explanation

Parent metal material quality category

Optics acrylic fabric(PMMA)

Optics polycarbonatz(PC)

Optical glasz(GLASS)





Greatest siz(mm)




Degree of hardnes(H)




RIndex of reflection(%)

R min<1.0 %

R min< 1.0 %

R min< 0.5 %

TPenetration coefficient(%)

T ave 95.0 %

T ave 95.0 %

T ave 96.0 %

   Structure hint

HC-Hard Coat


HC-Hard Coat