AS-Anti smudge
Incrvease Surface Hardness
Avoid most scratch.
LCD, MP3/video player, cell
phone panel.
Low reflection, high penetration
1. By a nanometer science and technology, covers the ultra compact nanometer in the parent metal surface (D<8nm) Splashes water the film.
2. Because it especially superior compactness and the high interfacial tension, enable the surface to have splash water extremely good sprinkle the oil characteristic.
This companies splash water antifouling processing to be suitable various types optical element like spectacle lenses, the mirror to be prime, or parent metal of surface other need this function processing, like the liquid crystal screen fender, the vehicle use the display board and the monitor E E E and so on.
The river character is good(>100 X) Easy clean (easy clean) Increases the scratch resistance


Parent metal material quality category
Optical(GLASS) Optics acrylic fabric (PMMA) Optics polycarbonate(PC)
Thickness (mm) 0.33~6mm 0.8~3.0 0.8~3.0
Lowest Reflection(%) <0.5 <1.0 <1.0
Average Reflection(%) <1.0 <2.0 <2.0
Hardness(H) >7H >5H >2H
Hardened/strengthening processing
optional Hard Coat Hard Coat