PD-Physicar VaporDeposition¡@

Optical cooting such as¡GAR

Light splite,high reflect cover window/lens
and some special design coating.

Haif Reflection Filters

LCD, MP3/video player, cell
phone panel. (PMMA), PC
High quality, non-pollution environmental protection system regulation
1. Under the vacuum state, evaporates the oxide compound and congeals in the parent metal. Monitors the instrument thick by the advanced membrane, grasps the film thickness precisely.
2. The specialized film design and the simulation, meet the different optical character need.
Various types optical element coating product: The anti-reflection anti-reflection film (AR<0.5), colored filters the light membrane, the dispersion of light membrane (50/50,30/70), the inorganic protective film, the UV anti- mutual lack of understanding, the IR anti- mutual lack of understanding, the IR anti-reflection film¡KAnd so on.
Makes the regulation non-pollution function diversification film stable product to meet the international environmental protection requirement


Film type
Anti-reflection anti-reflection film
Dispersion of light membrane
IR Anti-reflection film
(%) R<0.5 R/T : 50 / 50 T>95
Hardness(H) >7H >7H >7H
Hardened/strengthening processing
optional optional optional